Academic Requirements

To Maintain Good Academic Standing

  • A 3.3 (B+) GPA must be maintained over a full course load of 30 credits taken in an academic year. Academic standing is assessed upon completion of 30 credits, not after each semester.
  • Students must complete 30 credits (10 courses) every academic year for the first 3 years. This can be done in several ways, most commonly by taking 5 classes in the fall term and 5 in the winter.
  • Students are not required to take a full course load in their final year as long as they have completed all of the requirements as outlined in the course calendar.
  • Spring/ Summer courses can be taken for credit but do not count towards 30 credits needed per academic year.

To Graduate

  • Minimum 18 Credits of Arts Courses
  • Minimum 90 Credits of Science Courses
  • Maximum 12 Non Science/ Non Arts Credits (FoMD, ALES, Rehab)
  • 3.3 GPA on last 60 Credits
  • Maximum 42 Credits at the 100 Level
  • Note that 1 semester long course = 3 credits
  • PSYCO courses can be either Science or Arts, please refer to calendar for exact course
  • By the end of their fourth year, all neuroscience students must have worked with one or more members of the NMHI in order to complete their Individual Study Program. There are two research streams for this program, which is outlined in the Required Courses page, and through this link.

For more information on the undergraduate neuroscience project, visit the NMHI website