Admission Requirements/ Prerequisites

Complete details about program requirements, tuition and other fees, and scholarships and financial support can be found on the University of Alberta Neuroscience Program Page

Required High School Courses

Prerequisites: Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 20 (30 Strongly Recommended)

  • English 30-1
  • One of
    • Fine Arts
    • Humanities
    • Language other than English
    • or a third Math/Sciences Course not used below
    • Follow the link above and navigate to each respective subject for specific eligible classes
  • Mathematics 30-1
  • Two of
    • Biology 30
    • Computing Science ADV(CTS-5Cr)
    • Mathematics 31
    • Physics 30 or
    • Chemistry 30

Tentative High School Grades Required For Admission

  • The Faculty of Science typically accepts students with marks between 85%-89% across all program streams. The current applicant pool determines exact percentages.
  • Students are admitted based off their Grade 11 grades, Grade 11/12 grades, or just their Grade 12 grades. This allows for students to be considered 3 times for admission, at time of application, in February after the first round of diplomas, and in July after Grade 12 is complete.

Information For Students Looking to Transfer From Another Post-Secondary Institution

General Admission Direction

  • Here you will find information regarding general admission, including deadline dates
  • Once you have gathered some information and/or require further assistance, contact Student Connect