Reviews for course code BIOIN (Bioinformatics)

BIOIN 301 – Bioinformatics I (2016)

Difficulty: 5/5

Course work: Assignments (30% – 6 Assignments 5% Each); Midterm Exam (32%), Final Exam (38%)

Instructor: Dr. Neil Harris, Dr. David Wishart

Review: This course has a split structure, with Dr. Harris teaching the first half of the course up to the midterm, and Dr. Wishart teaching the second half up to the final (which is not cumulative, and only involves his topics). Dr. Harris’ topics focus largely on the usage of databases and other tools for analysis of genetic information – such as BLAST for sequence searching, and tools for sequence alignment and assembly. Dr. Wishart’s topics include gene finding and annotation, gene expression analysis (including microarray analysis), protein structure determination and modelling, proteomics, and metabolomics. Each instructor gives three assignments involving applications of the learned materials, often requiring the use of the various online tools. These assignments are highly helpful in solidifying practical understanding of these tools for the sake of bringing back your learning to the day-to-day lab environment.