Reviews for course code BIOL (Biology)

Biology 108 – Introduction to Biological Diversity (2016)

Difficulty: 2/5

Coursework: Midterm (20%), Final (30%), iClicker quizzes (5%), In-Class and Online assignments (5%), Lab (40%)

Professor: Dr. Lien Luong

Review: BIOL 108 is a course for those who have a knack for remembering a whole list of names, because half of this course depends whether you can remember the precise phylum/species/order that has this and this characteristic. Those who find that they excel better at assignments than exams will find this course suitable, as the lab component is worth more than the final. Dr. Luong is a very caring, passionate lecturer who genuinely wants all her students to do well (she tried her best to learn everybody’s name in the lecture hall). Her in-class iClicker quizzes are very useful to helping you keep up with the material, and her exams are very straightforward if you keep up with the material. Provides incomplete notes that she fills in during the lecture, but does not post complete lectures online. She tends to pull questions from the internet, and loves to reuse questions done in class on her exams, so review those. No textbook required at all, and a very interesting class in general!

Biology 201: Introduction to Cell Biology (2018)

Difficulty: 2.5/5

Course Work: Midterms, Assignments and Final (NO LAB)

Instructor: Mike Harrington

Review: This course will go over all the cellular organelles your familiar with (mitochondria, golgi etc..) but more in detail than past introductory Biology courses. As well, some previously illusive processes such as programmed cell death and vesicle transport will be elaborated upon. However, as an introductory course there are still some details not covered. Assignments involve doing readings and explaining those readings. They can be ambiguous at times but are generally pretty easy. While there are not many in depth real world applications of the content within this course, the concepts will show up in other Neuroscience courses.

BIOL 207: Molecular Genetics and Heredity (2017)

Difficulty: 2/5

Instructor: Dr. Mike Harrington

Review: The class is composed of lectures and a lab section. The lectures are misleading and you need a different approach to studying them. By this I mean, he tries to explain concepts through images and images only. Focus on self researching the concept or technique taught in class which really there is only like 10 of them and you will do just fine. Only the lab portion may be a bit tricky, do to the crossing of flies. But if you have a strong grasp on logistical questions, ie) if A is true then B must be true. then this course is a breeze! Three things to get good at! 1. Probability (and vs or word play) 2. Logistical Questions 3. qt-PCR