Reviews for course code ECON (Economics)

ECON 101 – Introduction to Microeconomics (2016)

Difficulty: 1/5

Course Work: Midterm 1 (20%), Midterm 2 (20%), Online Assignments (10%), Final (50%)

Instructor: Gordon Lee

Review: If you’ve ever been like me in saying “If math were an arts option, then maybe I’d actually take some more math courses” then look no further. Economics is an overlooked arts option by many neuroscience students, as many are not looking into applying for business. However, this course is primarily problem solving and math-based making it a great elective for the conceptual student who cannot memorize their own phone number, let alone information that they’ll probably never use (aka me). Many profs teach Econ 101, however, I highly recommend Gordon Lee because his tests are fair and he’s [explicit] hilarious. Fair warning though, his notes are fully written out by him in class, therefore, either make a friend, or make an effort to attend as many classes as possible. If you enjoy ECON 101, I highly recommend the follow up course, ECON 281.