Meet Your Executives 2020-2021

Joseph Serrano, President

Hey all! I’m Joseph Serrano and I am a fourth year undergraduate neuroscience student. This is my second year as an executive in the NSA, and I am excited to be spending it as your President! As such, I will be overlooking our actions as the NSA and ensuring we are doing all we can to ensure you, the students, are having the best undergraduate experience you can! For this challenging year ahead of us, my main goal is maintaining a sense of community despite this online world. We will be focusing on providing clear and open communication with the students and the faculty to allow smooth access to resources and support.

Outside of school, I love to play and listen to music, play DnD, and stay active. If you ever want to reach out, don’t be afraid to say hi and chat about anything. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Tristan Lange, VP Internal

Hey everyone! My name is Tristan and I am your VP Internal. I am a 3rd year student originally from Calgary, and I am very excited to be your VP Internal this coming year. Although online events and classes pose a challenge, your NSA is working very hard to ensure you have access to everything you need to be successful this year, and some cool events! If you ever need anything, feel free to reach out to me over discord or email. When I’m not in my zoom classes or studying, you can find me reading history or science, attempting to go to the gym regularly, or going for walks in the River Valley-before it freezes up (: I’m also into computer games and vinyl, and I’m trying to learn how to cook a lot better with all this time spent inside! I wish you all the best this year and hope to get to know some of you over the course of the year!

Christian Royce, VP External

Hey everyone! My name is Christian and I am a third year neuroscience student serving as VP External for the NSA, after serving as VP Fundraising last year (get excited for the lanyards to come back!). This year I’m working to expand the NSA’s sphere of collaboration with the other amazing clubs we have on campus, so if you ever have any ideas or questions for us, please hit me up! In my free time, I like to read, play with my cats and add chaotic backgrounds to Zoom to confuse people.

Sherry Gu, VP Academic

Hi everyone! My name is Sherry and I’m the VP Academic for this year, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re looking for resources or advice on research, course planning, or just about anything else. I’m in my third year of the neuroscience program and am currently part of a lab investigating cellular changes in response to stroke. When not getting caught up in work I love chilling in the sun, drinking iced coffee and bubble tea, and re-binging my favourite Netflix shows. With everything being online, I find cloud watching very relaxing whenever I need a mental break. This year is going to be crazy for sure, but I hope that everyone can pull through both academically and mentally!

Mehul Pal, VP Finance & Operations

Hey! I’m Mehul, a third-year neuro student currently serving as your VP Finance and Operations for this year. Personally, I’m excited to get to know more students in the program as part of the NSA. I want to support fun, meaningful events to keep the neuroscience community engaged in these tough times, as well as helping to organize merch and prizes to let us show our neuro spirit at home! Of course my dm’s are always open if you want to talk about neuroscience, school, or life in general.

Outside of zoom university, if I’m not re-watching A:TLA for the 537th time, you’ll catch me lost in a good book or trying (and mostly failing) to learn a new language.

Janelle Trombley, VP Recruitment  

Hi everyone! My name is Janelle and I am your VP Recruitment for the 2020-2021 school year! I am a third year neuroscience student and this is my first year as an NSA executive. When I am not studying, you can usually find me buying too many plants, curled up with a good book, or cuddling with my cat. I am excited to get to know everyone this upcoming school year!

Feel free to reach out to me with recruitment ideas, cute pictures of your pets, tips for learning to do a backflip (I’m a certified gymnastics coach), or anything else that comes to mind!

Raluca Todoran, VP Communications

Hi, my name is Raluca Todoran, and I’m in my third year of the neuro program and this is the first year that I am part of the NSA. I am super excited to meet new people, and help everyone stay as connected as possible during these challenging times. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, spending time with my friends and going on walks around the river valley or going bouldering!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me about any ideas or suggestions you have regarding our social media sites/the website, or if you just want to talk!

Peter Choi, VP Fundraising

Hello! I’m in my third year of neuroscience. Some of the things I love to do is playing baseball and the guitar in my free time. I also love binge watching The Office when I’m trying to relax for the night!

Jenny Sun, VP Social & Graduation

This is my first year on the NSA and I am very excited to be part of this amazing group! I hope I can get to know many more neuroscience students and would always be down to talk about anything. During my spare time, I like to sing and play the flute. I also love to sleep but probably don’t get enough of it… hope everyone is getting the rest they need!

Akshit Ayri, First Year Councillor

Hello my name is Akshit and I’m a first year neuro student at the UofA! I’m really excited to be taking this role and am looking forward to being an avid representative of the first year neuro students! You will usually find me playing the piano, trying to finish a book, or biking in the trails. For the time being, however, I’m just one in many students transitioning from High School to an online University set-up. Outside of school, I like taking on research and computer science projects in my spare time. Initiative is something I value in general.

If you are in first year neuro and would like initiatives to be put in place in this remote environment, please feel free to dm me on insta and I would be more than happy to collaborate.