Reviews for course code WRS (Writing Studies)

Writing Studies 101 (2018)

Difficulty: 3/5

Course work: 3 papers, online participation and in class participation

Instructor: Roger Graves

Review: This is a blended course meaning that some of the content is online and some of it is in class. Class only runs once a week and there are short group assignments to be completed in class. Online work consists of reading drafts of other students papers and providing feedback. The quantity and quality of your feedback is evaluated. There are three papers to be submitted and students can choose to write papers tailored and formatted for their field of study. The general themes of the papers are usually provided which offers enough guidance to begin the paper but allows enough liberty to chose a topic you enjoy. For science students, this is an excellent arts option that will offer an introduction as to how to write a scientific paper and look for scholarly articles. The difficulty is considered for a first year student with no academic writing experience.