Reviews for course code ZOOL (Zoology)

Zoology 344: Laboratory Exercises in Animal Physiology (2015)

Difficulty: 2/5

Course Work: No midterms, 4 minor and 2 major lab reports, a final project presentation and report; and a final

Textbook: lab manual

Review: Zoology 344 is a laboratory based course, which has one hour lectures once a week with, a four hour lab (and you will need the full four hours for most of the labs). This course is useful for practicing and developing your lab and writing skills. The class isn’t curved, and the material is minimal / information you’ve probably learned in other classes; however, pumping out a report a week becomes a chore as the term continues. I’d recommend this course if you’re looking to get out of the third year psych courses, as it does act as a substitute to completing our degree. However, be cautious, as the third year courses are perquisites to many of the fourth year psych courses (though you can always try to get them waved). Honestly, I didn’t love the course and complained about it a lot. That being said, the skills you learn are useful when doing actual lab work and it will prepare you for the thesis in fourth year.